The Nape of Your Neck

by Tenant From Zero

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released April 4, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Paul Darrah (* except where indicated)
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Kurt Feldman at Winter Station

Vocals and arrangements by Paul Darrah
All instruments and programming by Kurt Feldman
Trumpet on Who Painted This Past Year Blue by Steve Morley

*Who Painted This Past Year Blue - lyrics by Paul Darrah, music by Paul Darrah and Patrick McCarthy

Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde -

Cover by Matthew Sklar
Cover Photograph by Ebru Yildiz



all rights reserved


Tenant From Zero New York

Tenant From Zero is singer, composer Paul Darrah from Brooklyn, NY. His debut EP- 'The Nape of Your Neck' was written and arranged by Paul Darrah and produced, mixed and engineered by Kurt Feldman (Ice Choir, Roman a Clef, Pains of Being Pure of Heart). Tenant From Zero songs aim for the romantic, moody, & melancholy sounds of 80s sophistipop. ... more

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Track Name: Grant McLennan
Bop Bop Bah….

All the best
band names were taken
Or so he told himself
So he searched his record collection
The true reflection
of his broken self

Then remembered Grant McLennan
Grant McLennan
No matter how
No matter how
How lost you think you are

All the best
songs have been written
Or so his self pity cried
Well you don't have to be
Dylan or Bowie
You just have to
Get up and try

And take a page from Grant McLennan
Grant McLennan
No matter how
No matter how
How far you think you are

Bye Bye Pride
my Broadway Brides
You Can't Have Everything
but You Can Dream About Tomorrow
I'm Right Here, Right Here, Right Here
on The Streets of Your Town
Please forgive my blundering
My faith in you is safe and sound

Bop bop bah….

Take a cue from Grant McLennan
Grant McLennan
No matter how
No matter how
How lost you think you are
Track Name: Laugh At Me
Dreams come and they go
But sometimes they stay
and when they do
The words they write on the morning
are embarrassing and cruel

Laugh at me
Laugh at me
Laugh at me
all you want
'cause you'll be crying soon enough

I want to be alone
(no, you don't have to be alone)
Your familiar refrain cuts me to the bone
But you never promised me anything
so why's it hurt me like you did?


The joke, the joke, the joke
the joke is still laughing
oh, you can call it sad but it still keeps me warm
'Cause it's he memory that holds me
Of Rock Over London on Sundays, 1985
That's keeping me alive

Take me back
Take me back
Track Name: The Orange of Autumn
I looked for your name online
I looked for people who knew you
I look for you in pictures that only show you smiling

I look for the sun
In the morning at the airport
Climbing through the darkest horizon

Yes, it does
Still hurt me so very much

Light quick at the nape of your neck
In a flash, you were here then gone
Like the orange of autumn

You brought the cold weather with you
Clouds swirling and overcast
Leave it to you
To bring the winter to our springtime

When you got here I knew
That you really belonged here
How every day before
Wouldn't matter anymore

But why you couldn't stay
Still wrecks me
til this very day


You were Stevie Nicks
I was Stevie Smith
laughing my ass off on Moravian Street

If only
I could sing your favorite songs to you again
Just once again
Track Name: I Know One Day You'll Turn On Me Too
The words of your office mate
Are writ large on my face
As sure as I'm standing here
Your fangs are bound to appear


I know
That one day...
I know
That one day...
I know one day you'll turn on me too

The perfect love that would never stay
Let Philly count the ways
Some of us can roll with the punches
But some of us are just partial to grudges


I'll forget the cream in your coffee
Just one time too many
The slight of which will bear too heavy
And on that day
Your guards will remove me

Ba Ba Ba Ba

Track Name: The Things You Never Said
Your goodbye
Arrived today in an email
Dressed up in sans serif
Timestamped without fail

Just the scribblings of an empty head
The dream filled pillows on my bed

These were the things you never said

Everyday seemed so perfect
It was a postcard
Bright colors and smiles
Bloomed in the backyard

But all the time that we spent in bed
Kept me from knowing what was in your head


Oh, do you remember
The silence
That Sunday morning in your room
Newborn yearnings
Needed so much room to move

Oooh you sat and read the paper (NY times)
And I, the cracks in the plaster
Oh, to me they looked just like the veins
In the weak hands
Of a lover
Turned nagging mother

Just the scribblings of an empty head
The dream filled pillows on my bed

These were the things you never said
Track Name: Who Painted This Past Year Blue
I finally got my own place
Along the uppity, upper Amsterdamns
It was there by chance I saw your face
And I still don't understand

Hey - why I returned for a second show
(this year's so blue)
Hey - returned to turning stones over me and you


Why me
Why you
Why here
Why did you have to go
Such silly questions
Although still I'd love to know
Oh why - won't someone tell me please? Why?
Who painted this past year blue?

Strange and faint, these reveries
Like windows where I drew your name
Now every corner hides your shadow
About to find me waiting in vain

Hey - have I returned for a second show
(this year's so blue)
Hey - was it you or me who made this past year blue?


Dashed against the stones
The terrain I tread
Though not yet bled you
From my veins
No, tomorrow's not so far away

So far, so far away
It's not so far
So far away